SAP Learning Hub “How to find storage Empty bins?

SAP Learning Hub :- How to find Empty
storage bins of a particular storage type?

To find empty storage bins of a particular storage type in SAP,
you can follow these steps:

Launch the SAP Easy Access Menu or use the T-Code (Transaction
) LX01 Enter and click the Display button.

In the next screen, enter the storage type you want to
search for in the field Warehouse Number.

Optionally, you can specify other search criteria such as
storage section or storage category to narrow down the results.

Click the Execute button (or press F8) to run the search.

The system will display a list of storage bins that match
your search criteria.

Look for the column “VERME” (Available Quantity)
in the result list. If the value in this column is 0 or blank, it indicates an
empty storage bin.

If you want to find Empty Bin/how many Empty Bin currently
active, Kindly follow below mention instructions

Instructions you can follow these steps:

First Step -> Double Click SAP Icon on Desktop

Second Step -> Click Log

SAP Learning Hub

Third Step -> Entry User ID and Password


Fourth Step -> Entry T-Code here LX01 (This T-Code use
for find Empty Bin/Location on floor)

SAP Learning Hub


Fifth Step -> (List of Empty Bin Storage Bins)

Type Warehouse Number

Storage Type (Entry in this field Floor Type)

Storage Bin/Aisle No. (16*)

Fill all required field than press (F8 For

Seventh Step -> List of Empty Storage Bins -> Press F9
for in the Clipboard -> Press Enter

Eighth Step -> Paste this data in excel sheet 


Eighth Step -> One more Type to present this work to
generate Spreadsheet List->Export->spreadsheet (short cut use shift+F4)
-> Save into the System


The SAP T code LX01 is used in the SAP Warehouse Management
(WM) module. Here’s a description of the LX01 transaction:

 Transaction Code: LX01

Transaction Name: Display Storage Bin Master Data


The LX01 transaction in SAP is used to display the master
data of storage bins in a warehouse. It provides an overview of the storage
bins and their characteristics within a specified warehouse number.

 By executing LX01/LX02, you can access detailed information about
each storage bin, such as bin number, storage type, section, and storage
category. This information is essential for warehouse management activities,
including stock placement, picking, and inventory management.

 The LX01/LX02 transaction allows you to navigate through the
storage bin structure and view the properties of individual bins. You can also
search for specific storage bins based on various criteria like storage type,
section, or storage category.

Please note that the functionality and available options
within LX01 may vary depending on the SAP system configuration and version you
are using.


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